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Dr. Cade and his team thought they were on to something and it wasn’t going to take them very long to find the answer. The good doctor was doing a study of heat exhaustion on the human body. He knew that if he could find a solution to heat exhaustion, it would be a real boon to so many. Especially those athletes and weekend warriors who have to contend with the severe heat and long summers. For example long distance runners, bicycle racers, football players, swimmers, tennis players, baseball players, soccer players and any other physical sport where there is a chance of exhaustion. And that’s what Dr. Cade was working on.


Dr. Cade knew that if he could find a way for athletes to recover quicker, then not only could they play better and longer, but their bodies would be in less danger from the possible devastating effects of exhaustion. He even thought of adding pure oxygen to the athlete to see if that speeded recovery. But it’s when he was watching a group of football players that he couldn’t help but notice the obvious: They were sweating – a very normal and everyday occurrence, especially for football players. But it was the sweat! Maybe, he thought, that would be a clue. So, he gathered up a bunch of sweat from the players and analyzed it. What surprised him is that the chemical makeup of the sweat was so identical in all of the players


It didn’t take very long to come up with a solution. As a matter of fact, according to Dr. Cade, it took exactly three minutes once he had analyzed the football players’ sweat. He came up with something that,today we know as one of the biggest selling products in the world.

It’s a Little Known Fact that Dr. R. Cade and his fellow team of scientists came up with Gatorade after only three minutes of analyzing football players’ sweat. And how did he come up with the name, Gatorade? Well, he made the formula in order to aid his favorite team: the University of Florida. The Gators, of course.[1]



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