During these unprecedented times in which face-to-face Mock Juries are currently not an option,WAC Research offers our clients alternative online methods of conducting needed research.
WAC Research has the capabilities experience and relationships with companies that provide video streaming on multiple platforms and viewing options which will allow you to conduct Mock Juries online. In addition many of these online platforms also allow for breakout sessions.
Experience Counts
Just as important as the technology to accomplish mock juries, is the ability and experience to recruit and manage the research. WAC research is one of the most experienced premier mock jury companies in the nation having conducted well over 40 juries last year alone.
In addition to Florida, WAC also has the ability to recruit and manage juries nationwide in large or small markets.

When face-to-face mock juries can make a return our three oversized conference rooms in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale have the Capacity to seat 48 jurors theater style or 10 jurors with 6 feet of separationIf you have any questions please contact me at

galtschul@wacresearch.com or via phone at
In the meantime stay safe, stay well.