When Size Really Does Matter

Now that I have your attention let me clarify that I am alluding to the size of all of our conference rooms that we at WAC offer to you.


WAC has the largest conference rooms in South Florida – – both in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Our largest rooms measure 26 x 27′ and 25 x 26′

What does that mean for you?  During this pandemic (which we take very seriously), you will not be restricted to mini groups. Due to the size of WAC’s conference rooms, we are able to easily accommodate in-person seating for 6-7 respondents around a conference table or 10-12 respondents theater style.  So whether its focus groups, product evaluation, or mock juries, we have the size that fits your needs.


Here are just a few examples of how our rooms, because of their large sizes, can be reconfigured to accommodate various groups adhering to CDC guidelines of social distancing between individuals.


(To see the actual room setup click on the diagrams below.)

Not only are our group rooms large but so are our client viewing rooms which allow us to fit up to five people comfortably while keeping the required 6 feet of distance between each client

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Best regards

Gary Altschul