Here’s hoping that this communication finds everybody safe and well. WAC RESEARCH is dedicated to the health and well-being of our staff, clients, and respondents and as such when we do reopen our Ft. Lauderdale and Miami facilities, we will take the following additional precautions recommended by local and national health authorities


Upon entering our building and in all common areas all staff, respondents and clients will be requestedto wear facemasks.

Masks will be provided to those who need them.

Staff will also be required to wear gloves and masks

All visitors will be additionally screened to assure:

  • they have not knowingly been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the past 21 days
  • they are not experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 such as cough or shortness of breath,
  • they are not currently feeling ill or have experienced a cold flu or fever within the past 21 days.
  • these screening questions will also be included in the recruiting questionnaire

All staff and visitors will have a temperature check at the door before being allowed entrance. Any staff or visitor who has a temperature above 100.4 F /38 C, (CDC guidelines) will be denied entrance to the facility

There will be a strict check in and check out policy for respondents and clients aimed at limiting the interaction between staff and visitors.

  • This will include staggering group times between projects,
  • Presenting identification for visitors and clients to staff who will be sitting behind a clear acrylic panel

Our waiting area will be reconfigured so that there is a 6-foot separation between respondents waiting to go into their room.

Depending on which room is in use, and the requested configuration of the room, (e.g. table setup vs chairs only), group sizes will be limited to 4 to 10 participants to allow for 6-foot separation between respondents.

If a conference table is requested there will be tabletop acrylic dividers between participants and in the back room between clients.

Masks will not be required during the focus group unless requested by the client.

Hand sanitizers will be available for clients, staff, and respondents.  Clients and respondents will be required to use hand sanitizer before entering their respective rooms.

If food is required, the individual meals will be served as delivered in individual boxes and will not be re-plated.

Only disposable cups plates and cutlery will be used.

Disposable items that cannot be sanitized such as paper and writing instruments will either be disposed of or given to respondents to take with them at the end of the focus group

Our staff will be disinfecting the rooms and the waiting rooms prior to and between all sessions

For those clients who do not wish to travel to our facilities we will offer streaming at a discounted rate.

All visitors will be required to sign a liability release related to COVID-19.



If you book a facility room in either our Fort Lauderdale or Miami facilities now and for any reason have to cancel, we will wave standard room cancellation fees until the end of the year.*

If you would prefer to conduct your research using WAC online capabilities, which has the ability to utilize multiple platforms, and you book a project with us before August 31, 2020 this will entitle you to receive a 20% discount on room rental and recruit for all of your in person research projects in either our Fort Lauderdale or Miami facilities until December 31, 2020.  Additionally, we will recruit to client preferred platforms. If for some reason you have to cancel the online research, cancellation fees will be waived until the end of this year

If your moderator is unwilling or unable to travel due to concerns with COVID-19 we can provide local moderators for both English and Spanish groups

If you or your clients are uncomfortable traveling due to COVID-19 we will provide streaming at $695 per day and, if needed, we will provide an on-site assistant to hand out material to respondents

If you have any questions please contact me at or by phone at 954 772 5101

Stay safe, stay well


* In person research in our two facilities will begin when it has been deemed safe by health officials to re-open