Beginning June 1 WAC of Miami and WAC of Fort Lauderdale will be opening for in person research!
Due to new guidelines, there are restrictions on the number of people that can be together at one time. Currently we cannot host more than ten people together with appropriate social distancing.  Therefore, groups that used to have 10 people around the conference table can, for the time being, only accommodate up to six people with or without plexiglass dividers.
However because WAC has six of the largest rooms in Florida (3 in Miami and 3 in Ft Lauderdale), we are able to offer multiple room configurations while keeping the required 6 foot separation between respondents  Our standard focus group rooms can fit up to 9 respondents theater style or with a table in front of each. In our large meeting room (Measuring 25 x 25′), we can fit up to 10 respondents theater style (12 when allowed) with 6 feet of separation between each person.
Check out our special configurations.
Our client viewing rooms allow us to fit up to 5 people comfortably while keeping the required six feet of distance between each client.
Our facility Covid -19 guidelines have already been sent out to our clients.  If you did not receive our new guidelines please feel free to click on the above link.


If you book a facility room in either our Fort Lauderdale or Miami facilities before September 30th, you will receive a 20% discount on room and recruit for the entire project.  In addition, CC CAM video recording and streaming are available for only $695 per day. Further, if for any reason you have to cancel, we will waive standard room cancellation fees until the end of this year
WAC will continue to monitor/update any and all CDC guidelines in order to ensure the safety and well being of all of our clients, respondents and staff.

We look forward to having everyone back in our offices.

Gary Altschul